Chinese Official Claims Taiwan’s High Number of Chinese Restaurants Make It Part of China

Chinese Official Claims Taiwan's High Number of Chinese Restaurants Make It Part of China

Chinese Official Makes RIDICULOUS Tweet About Taiwan

( – China has claimed Taiwan as its sovereign land under the One China policy for decades. It has threatened to force the small nation into compliance as it continues to ignore the mainland and institute a democratic government. Still, some Chinese officials will go to any measure to demonstrate that Taiwan is part of their country. On Sunday, August 7, senior Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said all the Chinese restaurants on the tiny island nation proved the two entities shared one culture.

On Twitter, the spokesperson wrote that Taipei has 38 Shandong dumpling restaurants and even more noodle establishments. She said Taiwan’s culture is a part of Asia’s largest nation and insinuated that one day, it will symbolically return to reclaim its shared heritage under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rule. The statement led to widespread public mockery.

Over 6,000 people responded to the official’s claim. Some stated her logic didn’t make any sense. By her standard, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Kentucky Fried Chicken in China meant it belonged to the West. Former US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus noted mockingly that the 8,500 KFC fast food chain restaurants in cities across the landscape meant the communist country was really part of Kentucky.

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