Christians Outraged After Biden Claims Abortion Is ‘In Line’ With Most Religions

Christians Outraged After Biden Claims Abortion Is 'In Line' With Most Religions

Biden BRUTALIZED After Claiming ‘Most Religions’ Give Abortion The Green Light

( – Did President Joe Biden commit another gaffe in his latest controversial statement? On Tuesday, May 3, Biden opined on a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft that suggested the court might overturn Roe v. Wade in late June or early July. Biden said that the 1973 Warren Court ruling agreed with all mainstream religious views that the exact beginning of life remains a question. Then, the president went against Democratic speech norms and referred to a fetus as a child, which added to the criticism against Biden’s statement.

Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, yet his views on abortion openly contradict the church’s teaching that life begins at conception and that abortion is a sin. The president’s statement drew outrage among Conservatives and Republicans. Fox News shared several criticisms of the president’s statement. Breitbart writer Chris Tomlinson said that no one should ever tell him again that Biden is a devout Catholic. Nevada Republican candidate Carolina Serrano said the Catholic Church should excommunicate Biden over his statement.

Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner noted that in medieval Christendom, there was an apparent belief and consensus that at the quickening of the womb, which is around 20 weeks, the fetus had a soul. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said any defense of abortion is incoherent, yet Biden managed to make this one stand out (where others are quickly forgotten).

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