Chuck Todd Says Democrats Are in Shellacking Territory

Chuck Todd Says Democrats Are in Shellacking Territory

Democrat News Host Predicts WIPEOUT – Tells What’s Next

( – In January, NBC News released a devastating poll and announced that Democrats seemed headed for a shellacking in November. For the second time this year, the left-leaning mainstream news outlet is using the term again to describe the territory Democrats might face this fall. On Sunday, May 15, Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd warned that Democrats are in shellacking territory.

Covering the details in the new poll, Todd said 75% of voters believe America is on the wrong track. He said that’s why more conservative candidates such as Kathy Barnette (R-PA), or left-wing candidates such as John Fetterman (D-PA), are gaining traction in the two parties. The “Meet the Press” host said if 55% were unhappy, more moderate candidates in each party would seize elections.

Todd wasn’t done. He also took President Joe Biden’s abysmal job approval ratings to task, stating Biden earned a 39% overall approval rating and again suggesting that ranged in shellacking territory for Democrats. Todd said if Biden could get to 45%, Democrats might have a fighting chance this fall in battleground states. He emphasized anything below 40% probably means a moderate blue state could flip to the GOP.

Currently, the RealClearPolitics average of polls of generic congressional votes gives Republicans a nearly 2-point advantage.

Stay tuned. Six months is a long time before the midterm elections.

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