Clarence Thomas Has Troubling New Legal Problem

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – A new Washington Post report has shown that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has previously claimed on financial disclosure documents that a now-defunct real estate firm paid his family thousands of dollars in income.

According to the report the income was paid from Ginger, Ltd., Partnership, a real estate firm launched by his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, and her family. The firm shut down in 2006, after which point a new firm called Ginger Holdings, LLC, was established. Throughout this time Thomas continued to claim income from the firm.

The post points out that these discrepancies in the financial disclosures could be the result of a simple error, however, Thomas is currently facing a lot of criticism over his financial disclosures.

Earlier this month ProPublica, published a report which showed how a Republican mega-donor had paid for Thomas to attend luxury vacations over two decades. The vacations included stays on a private yacht, a private resort, and usage of the Republican billionaire’s jet. None of these gifts were ever disclosed in any of Thomas’ financial disclosures.

It was later revealed that Thomas had also made a real estate deal in 2014 with Harlan Crow, the billionaire who had gifted him all the trips. This revelation has led to a lot of public criticism. Thomas claimed he was “advised” that the trips did not need to be disclosed. He has not yet made any official statements about the real estate deal in question.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats are pushing for Chief Justice John Roberts to investigate Thomas’s reported conduct following these recent reports.

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