Clinton Spreads Bizarre Conspiracy – Is She LOSING IT?!

Hillary Clinton Suggests GOP Preparing To Steal 2024 Election

Hillary Clinton Suggests GOP Preparing To Steal 2024 Election

( – Since 2020, Democrats have alleged that numerous GOP politicians and candidates around the country were election deniers. Yet, in 2019, failed two-time presidential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called former President Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” and said he stole the 2016 presidential election. It appears she’s at it again.

Recently, the progressive group Indivisible posted a video of Clinton alleging Republicans may be preparing to steal the 2024 presidential election. In it, she alleges the “right-wing” Supreme Court could give states the power to overturn elections. The former First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State referred to Moore v. Harper, which the High Court agreed to hear this term.

The case seeks to ask a simple question: can a state supreme court cancel congressional boundaries drawn by state legislatures and order other entities to draw them instead? In February 2022, the North Carolina Supreme Court sided with voters who sued, alleging the legislature gerrymandered districts in violation of state law. The Republican-led legislature said the ruling erred because the Constitution only grants state legislatures the responsibility of drawing congressional boundaries.

Clinton suggests that if the US Supreme Court sides with Republicans, neither the popular vote nor the Electoral College would decide the next presidential election. Instead, state legislatures controlled by Republicans would.

So, is Clinton preparing to lead Democrats into election denial territory?

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