CNN Shockingly Agrees With Trump’s Supreme Court Issue

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

( – CNN host Dana Bash claimed that even if the Supreme Court was correct regarding their ruling in former President Donald Trump’s case to stay on the ballots in several primaries across the country, the outcome was still dark for the country.

The United States Supreme Court had sided unanimously with the former President when it came to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to block Trump from appearing on the state’s primary ballot. This decision is going to affect the attempts in many other states to have Trump removed from their respective state ballots. 

The court in their decision also added that Article 3 of the 14th Amendment, also known as the insurrection clause, could only be enforced by Congress and not by individual states. There have been challenges filed against Trump in more than 30 states. 

The court’s opinion has argued that the “patchwork” would just lead to different candidates banning different candidates from their ballots. Justice Brett Kavanaugh specifically argued that the courts had looked back to a decision from 1860 which had been necessary in order to block insurrectionists from being able to hold federal office again. 

On a CNN panel Bash pointed out that the court was not “necessarily wrong.” However, she also pointed out that this did not alter the fact that because of gerrymandering they were not doing their job in the House. 

This was a point that CNN legal analyst Elie Honig also agreed with claiming that it was nearly impossible for Congress to take any action. She added that this was a “fair question” to have for Congress members and that they should be asked whether or not they were willing to pass legislation that would provide rules of how this worked. 

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