Co-Host Suggests Whoopi Goldberg May Have Sacrificed Herself

Co-Host Suggests Whoopi Goldberg May Have Sacrificed Herself

( – On Monday, January 31, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg ignited a firestorm by saying the Holocaust wasn’t about race. Instead, she claimed the horrific act by the Nazis that killed 6 million Jews was about inhumanity. On Monday evening, she doubled down in an interview with Stephen Colbert before finally making a sincere apology and correcting her misinformation on Tuesday. Later in the day, ABC News suspended Goldberg for two weeks and asked her to take time off to reflect on how her words hurt millions of people. Michelle Collins recently weighed in on the controversy.

Collins appeared on The View from 2015 through 2016. Now, she hosts a popular talk show on SiriusXM titled “The Michelle Collins Show.” In her most recent episode, Collins introduced an intriguing conspiracy theory about Goldberg’s suspension from “The View.” Collins openly wondered if Whoopi sacrificed herself for the show’s betterment.

Collins said Goldberg may have concluded by removing herself from the show, her absence would take the heat off of the network and her co-hosts. The less the public sees of “The View” co-host in the short-term, the better. In the media world, the news operates at lightning speed. Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s old stories that no one cares about anymore. Collins theorized Whoopi knows few will remember this in two weeks, so she worked with ABC to agree to the suspension.

Collins admitted her take on the suspension was just an educated guess. Still, the talk show host said it was hard to see why ABC would suspend Goldberg without her consent.

One way or the other, America may never know.

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