Columbia Grads Protest Israel By Ripping Diplomas and Wearing Zip Ties

Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

( – When Columbia University kicked off its commencement ceremonies last week, the Ivy League graduates protested as they accepted their diplomas — wearing zip-tie handcuffs, waving Pro-Palestine signs, and tearing up their diplomas as they crossed the stage.

Columbia University has been at the center of nationwide campus anti-Israel protests, often leading to heightened tensions at the Ivy League University.

Those tensions led the University to scale down its commencement ceremonies, but protesting graduates still decided to make their mark in dramatic fashion.

Students at Columbia have been advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza while urging the University to divest from companies with links to Israel.

In a video of one commencement event, students are seen storming across the platform when receiving their degrees, some of whom had bound their hands with zip ties.

At a commencement event for social work graduates, several students chose to protest while accepting their degrees. Maliha Fairooz appeared to have Mazen Jamal Al-Natsheh, the leader of Hamas, written on her cap, whereas fellow graduate Tarsis Salome raised her zip-tied hands above her head in protest.

The crowd cheered when Hilary Margaret Elizabeth Ludlow and Veda Kamra, restrained with zip ties, proudly displayed a “Free Palestine” sign as they accepted their diplomas.

Dozens of other graduates joined the protest action, donning zip ties as symbolic prisoners.

These defiant acts come after weeks of turmoil on the New York campus that culminated in violent and destructive anti-Israel demonstrations and clashes with law enforcement.

As a result of escalating protest action, Columbia University chose to hold smaller commencement ceremonies rather than its university-wide commencement, 5 miles away from its iconic South Lawn, where the event is typically held.

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