Complaint Issued Against Bar for Exposing Children to Drag Shows

Complaint Issued Against Bar for Exposing Children to Drag Shows

Complaint FILED – Drag Bar Implicated!

( – Over the last few years, transgender issues have come to the forefront of political debate in America. In Arizona, Florida, and Texas, state leaders are pushing back and passing laws to protect children from highly sexualized environments and content. In Texas, on June 6, state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) said on Twitter he would propose legislation banning drag shows when minors are present. During a news conference in Fort Myers on June 8, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said child endangerment laws already prohibit children from being around drag shows.

On Tuesday, July 26, the Business and Professional Regulation Department (DBPR) informed a local Miami bar it was on notice for offering drag shows to kids. The R House Bar must respond to the DBPR’s administrative complaint within 21 days. It’s an issue that Gov. DeSantis has warned about over the last year. He says law enforcement has all it needs to effectively protect children from sexual predators.

Florida Moves To Protect Children

Under Gov. DeSantis, Florida has been actively working to protect children’s exposure to issues regarding sexuality and gender. That includes library books and drag queen story hours where transgender men clothed as women read books to children. It appears that the R House Bar goes well beyond those parameters.

Video from the club posted by the Libs of TikTok on a Twitter page showed a partially naked drag queen with money exposed between the straps of a thong walking a young girl around the club. The TikTok page owner wrote that children deserved the freedom, expression, and fun afforded by drag shows.

The government complaint cited numerous examples of inappropriate shows with children on social media. Officials said DBPR agents also made first-person observations of drag performers doing sexually suggestive dances just a few feet away from a child. In another instance, a pre-teen child turned his head away as a dancer jumped on the back of his bench and twerked above his head.

If the R House Bar doesn’t respond within 21 days or DBPR finds the bar violated local regulations or statutes, it imperils its liquor license and ability to remain in business.

DeSantis Says There Is a Way To Protect Children

Florida’s conservative governor has been adamant about protecting children. DeSantis has suggested using Child Protective Services to investigate parents who allow their kids to attend drag shows.

After DeSantis’ announcement, one of his Democratic rivals for governor, Nikki Fried, said she supports drag shows and parents’ rights to take their kids to one if they want. She claimed it was just entertainment.

Who do you think Florida voters will agree with in November? Desantis or Fried?

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