Conservative Christians Facing Big Trump Dilemma

US Senator's Possible Replacement Is Getting Ready To Run

( – In an interview this month, Christianity Today editor-in-chief Russell Moore claimed that Christianity was in “crisis” as more and more people began to see Christ’s teachings as “subversive” to right-wing ideology.

As he revealed to NPR, an increasing number of pastors had recently told him that after quoting the “Sermon on the Mount, ” someone from the crowd would approach them to question where the “liberal talking points” were coming from. In essence, what Moore was describing has also been referenced by experts who revealed to Newsweek that recently, there has been a rift in the conservative Christian faith, especially as being conservative has now been tied to supporting former President Donald Trump.

Associate professor of American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary Heath Carter stated that what Moore had described was “important” but that it is not a new phenomenon for anyone who knows about the history of Christianity.

Dallas Theological Seminary senior research professor Darrell Bock also noted that this faction of Christians is predominantly concerned with where the country is headed. He added that these concerns have been related to the last four decades, but as Trump has dominated the previous decade, he has become a prime figure in these discussions. He has further argued that Trump is a result of this development rather than being the reason for it.

Both theologians referred to the dichotomy that has taken place between theological evangelicals, who are predominantly concerned with Christian principles, and “political” evangelicals, whose main focus is winning the culture war.

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