Conservative Teachers Volunteer To Arm Themselves If It Means Protecting Their Students

Conservative Teachers Volunteer To Arm Themselves If It Means Protecting Their Students

Armed Patriots RISE UP – They’re Taking A Stand

( – Across America, parents, school districts, and lawmakers are seeking solutions to prevent any more school shootings. The biggest challenge is how to find consensus on an issue such as guns that have become divisive in recent years between far-left Democrats and Conservatives. On one end of the spectrum, the Left would love to abolish the 2nd Amendment or, at the least, find a way around it. On the Right, many Conservatives say the best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

The debate is now spilling into classrooms. Currently, 28 states allow armed classroom teachers under limited circumstances. In Texas and Florida, state law allows teachers to possess a gun in school as a last line of defense against a shooter. In Texas, the number of conservative teachers who want to carry firearms in the classroom is rising.

Conservative Teachers Want to Possess a Gun in the Classroom

Since the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24, school officials and gun trainers in Texas say teachers are expressing tremendous interest in possessing a gun while on the job. It’s a narrative that runs counter to the mainstream media and teachers’ unions which say teachers are overwhelmingly opposed to guns in the classroom.

That’s not the experience of two gun trainers in Texas. Jeff Sellers runs Schools on Target, which trains teachers on how to carry a firearm in school. Sellers told the Epoch Times he had to add nine classes for teachers from June through August — that’s double the training load he ordinarily offers. Sellers said the call volume isn’t stopping because Uvalde triggered a nerve with many teachers ready to do what they can to protect themselves and their students.

Sellers company isn’t alone in the growing demand. Go Strapped Firearms Training owner Bryan Proctor reinforced Sellers experience. Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Proctor said his business exploded by 100% as teachers sought gun training in growing numbers.

States Moving to Allow Guns in Schools

Texas and Florida aren’t alone in expanding gun laws in schools, which were previously labeled no gun zones. In Louisiana, the state legislature is debating legislation similar to Texas. If passed into law, it would allow teachers to possess a gun in the classroom if they receive specialized training. In Ohio, lawmakers propose allowing teachers to carry in the classroom if they spend 700 hours in police training and receive board approval.

So, what do you think?

Should teachers be allowed to train and earn certifications to possess a gun in the classroom?

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