Court Denies Organ Transplant to Unvaccinated Woman

Court Denies Organ Transplant to Unvaccinated Woman

Court Makes CONTROVERSIAL RULING in Horrifying Organ Transplant Case

( – Over the last fifty years, liberal politicians in America and Canada argued that a woman has a right to do with her body as she pleases regarding abortion. Yet, the “my life, my body” moniker meant little to nothing after COVID-19 vaccinations became available. Some people needing life-saving medical care, including transplants, were denied service because they refused to get inoculated against the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, July 12, a Canadian court ruled that an unvaccinated woman didn’t have a right to a life-saving organ transplant that doctors ordered. In 2018, doctors diagnosed Annette Lewis with a chronic disease with no cure. Her only hope of survival was a transplant. Now, it appears the government is willing to let her die over a COVID-19 vaccine.

Judge Rules No COVID-19 Vaccination, No Transplant

In 2020, doctors advised Lewis that she was healthy enough to withstand an organ transplant. She received every vaccine needed per the law at that time. Still, in March 2021, she was told if she didn’t receive a COVID-19 vaccine, healthcare providers would have no choice but to refuse the transplant. Lewis told the court that the vaccine offended her conscience and that she should have the choice about what goes into her body. She noted that a life-saving procedure shouldn’t be kept from her over what she called an “experimental treatment.”

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Paul Belzil disagreed with the patient and said no one violated her rights. He noted that Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms did not apply to her case and had no merit to doctors who created or enforced the criteria for an organ transplant.

Essentially, the judge ruled that if she refused a COVID-19 vaccine, it was her decision to do so. Yet, that decision waived her privilege to a transplant regardless of whether it would save her life or not.

Hospitals Say It’s A Tough Choice

Ahead of the judge’s decision, the court heard from doctors that organ donors are extremely rare. They noted that one in five people on a waitlist doesn’t survive long enough to receive a transplant. A committee decides who gets a transplant and bases their recommendation on the severity of the need and who is most likely to survive the procedure.

Doctors told the court that they could reject a patient if the transplant would increase their odds of dying without a significant chance the procedure would improve the quality and duration of one’s life. After the COVID-19 vaccines became available, transplant boards determined that it was in the candidate’s best interest to receive a COVID vaccine. They argued that since they would become immunocompromised during their lengthy recovery period, a vaccine would add protections to minimize extreme sickness or death.

In his order, the judge said if she refused the vaccine, like everyone else, she had no right to a transplant. Belzil added that ruling for Lewis would throw the medical community into chaos, and patients would seek endless lawsuits to undo medical decisions.

So, what do you think? Does the judge have a legitimate point?

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