Court Packing Effort Details Emerge

Court Packing Effort Details Emerge

( – During the nomination hearings leading to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court, Democrats said they would “pack the courts” if the GOP placed her on the bench. Currently, the bench sits at sic Republican-nominated appointees to 3 Democrat-nominated Justices. Democrats seek to balance the Court while Republicans strive to maintain its integrity.

It’s a highly controversial and contentious issue. On Friday, April 9, President Joe Biden announced an executive order to create a presidential commission to study the matter and make recommendations.

Nine Justices have served on the high court at one time since 1869. Republicans vehemently oppose adding more. The GOP points out that the court is a co-equal, independent branch of government designed to be non-political. Republicans also feel Democrats are trying to intimidate the Justices with the issue of packing to force them to swing their votes on the Left’s issues of abortion, guns, COVID-19 restrictions, and religion.

Hopefully, Biden’s proposed commission will take into account both Republican and Democrat goals. Regardless, any change to the number of seats on the Court will require a two-thirds majority of the Senate — which is very unlikely. At least two Democrats have given assurances they will not support packing, but other reforms, like term limits for Justices, could also be on the table.

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