COVID 19 Pandemic Is Taking a Toll on Mental Health

COVID 19 Pandemic Is Talking a Toll on Mental Health

( – In the early days of the virus, nobody imagined we would still be battling the tenacious bug almost two years later. The fear remains for many who continue to stay at home and maintain separation from others. Even those who have relaxed their protocols are weary of the constant news cycle highlighting the current COVID trends.

The idea of a “new normal” where people are afraid to gather, insist on wearing masks everywhere they go, and line up every few months for a booster shot is frustrating. A study published in The Lancet showed pandemic-related depression and anxiety increased more than 25% worldwide in 2020.

People are suffering because of constant health worries. Many feel the lockdowns didn’t solve anything but instead shut people off from their support systems and increased the feelings of loneliness.

People are over it all, meaning governments now worry about whether people will continue to listen to their mandates and rules. Widespread protests have broken out in Belgium, Croatia and the French Caribbean island territory of Guadeloupe. Even lawmakers are unhappy. British and American legislators are voting down new laws related to pandemic mandates.

Could now finally be the right time to consider whether these preventative measures present a greater risk than the virus itself?

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