“Dark Money” Pouring in to Fund Biden Agenda, New Report Finds

(TheRedWire.com) – From 2012 to 2017, Democrats criticized Republican groups for spending “dark money” to help win an election. Since 2018, the Left has used dark money significantly more than Republican groups. It seems they no longer care about reforming the campaign finance system since it benefits them.

Now, two Democratic dark money groups plan to spend millions of dollars influencing President Joe Biden’s pick of the next Supreme Court Justice. Recently, Justice Stephen Breyer announced he would retire from the High Court after this term ends in late June or July. Both Demand Justice and Building Back Together activist groups say they intend to ensure the president nominates a history-making Black woman to the bench as he promised.

Dark money groups operate as 501(c)(4) organizations and are generally not required by law to reveal their donors even when they spend money to influence elections. Organizations that don’t disclose donor information are called dark money groups. Since 2010, dark money consortiums have spent approximately $1 billion to influence elections through television and online advertising. Both groups can legally spend up to 50% of their funds on elections or campaigns without being considered a political group. The organizations support packing the US Supreme Court to outstrip the current 6-3 Republican-led confirmed majority on the court.

President Biden has indicated he’ll pick a nominee by the end of February.

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