Dem Strategist Reveals Biden’s Sneaky Midterm Move

Top Strategist Reveals How Biden Is Getting Dems More Votes

Top Strategist Reveals How Biden Is Getting Dems More Votes

( – In August 2021, President Joe Biden’s poll numbers began to fall quickly. Throughout 2022, they have been abysmal. At one point, RealClearPolitics showed his approval ratings in the high 30s. On Thursday, October 20, the RCP average showed his approval was 43.1% and disapproval was 54.2%. Worries that his low ratings might drag Democrats down in the 2022 midterm elections continue to nag candidates. Now, strategists say he designed his recent political moves to lure more young voters to the polling stations for Democrats.

Over the last month, Biden has announced a series of executive actions. He’s canceling upwards of $20,000 in student loan debt and pardoned thousands of people convicted of federal marijuana possession crimes. On Tuesday, October 18, the president said if Democrats retain their majorities in Congress, he’ll work to codify legal abortion.

In 2020, young voters helped propel Biden into the White House. Party strategist and former Biden campaign representative Kevin Walling told Fox News the policies would encourage base voters during a year when the turnout could make a big difference in the election results. Since announcing the changes, the president’s approval rating has ticked up from 43% to 46% in the Fox News poll. Voters under 45 primarily drove it, which gave him an uptick of eight points. The question is, will it be enough to help Democrats on November 8?

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