Democrat-Funded Blogger Wrote Inappropriate Comments About Female GOP Leader

Democrat-Funded Blogger Wrote Innapropriate Comments About Female GOP Leader

Top GOP Leader HARASSED by Democrat-Funded Blogger

( – Over the last five years, Democrats and the mainstream media accused former President Donald Trump and GOP voters of racism and sexism without proof of their allegations. Democrats often claim they are the ones fighting to protect women and minorities. Yet, it appears they are hypocritically involved in the bad behavior.

In Texas, newly elected Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) upended the political world in May as the first woman born in Mexico to serve in the US Congress. Due to redistricting, she’s running this fall against a far-left incumbent who spent advertising dollars with a race-baiting misogynist who regularly posts racist and sexist slurs against Flores. The question is, will Democrats go after one of their own for reprehensible behavior?

Far-Left Democrat Hires Blogger With History of Racist and Sexist Slurs

On Tuesday morning, July 19, NBC News reported that Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) spent advertising dollars with a Texas blogger with a known shady past. Yet, despite the advertising payment, no ads are on Jerry McHale’s website. Hale has a long history of disparaging Hispanic and black Americans. NBC News revealed that Gonzalez’s campaign paid $1,200 on June 24 for advertising with the blogger. Fox News Digital noted it found numerous vile and highly inappropriate posts on the McHale Report.

Since Gonzalez paid for the ads, McHale has referred to Flores as “Miss Frijoles” over 20 times. If that wasn’t enough, Breitbart News reported the blogger has been deriding Flores since May. McHale has referred to the congresswoman as “Miss Enchiladas,” “gringa hag,” and “cotton-pickin’ liar.” The blogger asked if Flores wanted Trump to do something to her private parts and numerous other racist and sexist insults, including insults involving Flores’ genitalia.

McHale told Fox News Digital that his blog is satire, and he has had no contact with Gonzalez. Still, if a Conservative spoke like that, would they get canceled by the Left? If they did, many Conservatives might join in disapproval.

Where Is the Left?

For her part, Flores told Fox News Digital that the posts degrading her heritage and gender are sick. The congresswoman said Rep. Gonzalez hired the “creepy blogger” but wouldn’t let it distract her. She said she ran for Congress to represent her values: God, Family, and Country. Flores added that Gonzalez represents everything that’s wrong with Washington, DC.

Gonzales and McHale told NBC that the payment and timing of the derogatory posts were coincidental. Gonzalez’s campaign manager, Collin Steele, told NBC News the congressman disapproved of McHale referring to some of his opponents as caricatures. NBC News said the Texas Democratic Party and other state Democrats denounced McHale’s language.

Still, McHale refuses to concede or back down. He said as a Democrat, he’s at war with the Republican congresswoman.

So, does that excuse his rhetoric? Where is the national outcry over demeaning a woman of color by Democrats?

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