Democrat Governor Flips Over Reparations

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) declined to endorse any of the state’s reparations task force recommendations which were voted on last week. The proposals could result in eligible California’s Black residents receiving billions of dollars in reparations.

Newsom in a statement to Fox News Digital pointed out that the legacy of slavery was not just about “cash payments.” However, he did not include in his statement what type of proposal he would be in favor of. For California’s reparations task force’s recommendations to be successful they would need to receive the approval of the state legislature and then be signed by Newsom.

In his statement, Newsom noted that the task force’s findings were an important “milestone” in the bipartisan attempt to “promote healing” and justice. He added that as a nation they needed to continue to work in order to “reconcile our original sin of slavery” and better understand this part of history that shaped the U.S.

Newsom added that many of the proposals were pushing for “critical action items” that his administration was working towards, including dismantling barriers in voting, law reforms, and improvements in the economic mobility of minorities. He stated that he was looking forward to receiving the final report from the task force in the summer as well as working with the legislature to better the “future for all Californians.”

If the proposal is enacted then eligible Black residents would be able to receive compensation for the discriminatory policies in the state that affected incarcerations, hours, the justice system, the environment, and health care. The panel’s economists speculated that this could cost the state around $800 billion.

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