Democrat Governor Tells MAGA Supporters To “Jump on a Bus” and Head to Florida

Democrat Governor Tells MAGA Supporters To

Top Democrat Tells Trump Supporters to “Get Outta Town”

( – Politicians sometimes say the craziest things. On Monday, August 29, New York Democratic Gov. Kathleen Hochul opened yet another can of controversy. She is running for election against Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). Zeldin believes Hochul’s far-left tendencies could help him in a state exhausted by high crime rates under Democratic one-party rule in Albany. The governor may not have made a good case for herself after she told Republican MAGA supporters to leave and go to Florida.

Hochul declared that Republicans like Zeldin should get out of town and go where they belong. She alleged the GOP doesn’t represent the values of New York.

The GOP gubernatorial candidate responded, saying the governor believes they’re no longer New Yorkers if one disagrees with her. He said that line of thinking was crazy and stated, “Hochul’s Gotta Go!” He added he’s not going anywhere and intends to fight for New York against one of America’s most arrogant, power-hungry, elitist governors.

Recently, New York Democrats criticized the Republican for holding a fundraiser with Florida conservative Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Democratic State Chair Jay Jacobs said the GOP gubernatorial candidate’s views are out of touch with New Yorkers.

The most current poll, from early August, showed the Democratic governor with a 14-point lead with 53% approval versus 39% for Zeldin. Still, it’s early, and most polls tighten in the last few weeks of a campaign.

Stay tuned. Anything can happen, even in New York.

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