Democrat Lawmaker Hasn’t Been to D.C. in Months, Has Another Job

Democrat Lawmaker Hasn't Been to D.C. in Months, Has Another Job

( – In 2020, incoming freshman Democrat Rep. Kai Kahele (D-HI) replaced outgoing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who was running for president in the Democratic primary. Kahele told voters he would be their full-time representative in Washington, DC. Yet, he hasn’t been in DC much at all. Under current House rules, Congressmen can vote by proxy, meaning they can appoint someone to vote in their place during the pandemic.

Since January, he’s voted in person only five times. The other 120 votes were by proxy while he remained in Hawaii. Kahele says he has a multi-generational family and wants to minimize the risk of bringing COVID-19 home to them. Yet, he continues to work as an airline pilot for Hawaiian Airlines.

On Tuesday, April 12, Kahele’s office sent a formal statement to Fox News regarding his attendance record. The statement said critics and news outlets purposely misled the public about the Congressman’s work and concerns for his family’s health. Kahele’s office also claimed his income from flying is only for occasional work with the airline to maintain his pilot certification and is within the rules of the House. So far this year, the Congressman said he’s flown 14.2 hours and earned $2,861.90. His office added that he hasn’t missed a vote this year thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) proxy rules.

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