Democrat Lawmaker Makes EMBARRASSING Mistake on Twitter!

Democrat Leader's Account Mysteriously Likes Inappropriate Content

Democrat Leader’s Account Mysteriously Likes Inappropriate Content

( – Politicians’ social media interactions can spiral out of control, especially if the public catches them participating in inappropriate behavior on one of the platforms. Recently, the Twitter account of 83-year-old New York Democratic State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky mysteriously began liking some tweets involving hardcore pornography. The account gave one thumb up to a tweet about oral sex. Another involved X-rated hardcore content.

Stavisky is seeking her 12th term as a New York State Senator. She currently serves as the NY State Senate Higher Education committee chairwoman. Her office stated the grandmother and elected official did not make the likes. They blamed a former staff member who still had access to the Twitter account for the illicit activity.

Pierce Brix, a spokesman for New York Democrat, said Stavisky changed the username and password logins to prevent unauthorized account use from happening again. Brix noted he didn’t know who had access to the account but stressed it wasn’t him or his boss who participated in the online behavior. Stavisky’s chief of staff, Mike Favilla, thanked the New York Post for revealing the problem.

Still, Stavisky’s Republican opponent, Stefano Forte, 24, didn’t let the situation go to waste. He said taxpayers have a right to know why the Senator was engaging with hardcore porn that degrades women while on the taxpayer dime. He added that while he talked with donors and constituents, his opponent was watching porn and letting violent criminals go free.

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