Democrat Mayor “Sucker-Punched” at Juneteenth Event

Democrat Mayor Sucker-Punched at Juneteenth Event

Top Democrat ASSAULTED – “Sucker-Punched” to the Ground!

( – Elected officials are often closest to the public because they tend to be the face of government. Unfortunately, sometimes they become the target of citizens’ frustrations as well. Louisville, Kentucky’s Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer learned that lesson the hard way when he attended a Juneteenth event in the city on Saturday, June 18.

Video of the event showed a man with dreadlocks approaching Mayor Fischer. Suddenly, he sucker-punched him in the face with his right hand, instantly knocking the mayor to the ground. The video also showed the assailant quickly fleeing the scene.

The mayor didn’t suffer from any significant injuries and later reported he was doing fine.  He then returned to his full duties on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Louisville Metro Police officers arrested Antwon Brown for the assault on the mayor. Police officials said they arrested 30-year-old “without incident” and charged Brown with one count of fourth-degree assault. This misdemeanor carries a maximum $500 fine and up to 12 months in jail.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) denounced the attack and said a mayor should be able to walk freely during a festival without concern for one’s safety or life, regardless of whether people agree with an elected official. He condemned the act of violence and said Kentuckians were better than that.

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