Democrat Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

Democrat Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

Former Senator Found GUILTY – Rumors Were True!

( – Louisiana Democratic state legislator Karen Carter Peterson was an outspoken advocate of far-left issues for 22 years and served and the leader of the state Democratic Party for almost a decade. She supported pro-choice rights, gay marriage, and healthy government spending for the poor. At the same time, she attacked Republicans for pushing to spend money wisely and cut taxes. In April, the lawmaker suddenly resigned from the Senate. The next day, the local news outlets reported she was under federal investigation.

On Monday, the longtime politician pleaded guilty in federal court to stealing $147,357. Prosecutors charged Peterson with stealing tens of thousands of dollars from party funds and her campaign coffers. US attorneys told the court she stole money from her 2019 campaign fund and the state party’s account. They said she participated in the illegal activity for seven years.

Peterson admitted she used much of the money to fund her gambling habit at casinos. The former lawmaker’s attorney provided information to the court showing she paid $53,107 to the Louisiana Democratic Party for restitution. Officials said her payment “made them whole.” He also said she paid back the $94,250 she took from her campaign account.

US District Judge Sarah Vance will decide whether the 52-year-old will face jail time during sentencing, scheduled for December 7.

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