Democrat Senator Asked to Resign Over Racist Past

Democrat Senator Asked to Resign Over Racist Past

( – Over the last five years, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) repeatedly talked about the need for diversity, inclusion, and equity. It’s what the Left expects of every good Democrat lately. Yet, his actions appear to contradict his words, and it could be causing him political pain in far-left Rhode Island.

In 2021, a local news report denounced Whitehouse’s refusal to pressure a prestigious Rhode Island beach club to diversify its membership. Critics of Bailey’s Beach Club accuse the wealthy club of white supremacy and claim it doesn’t have a single non-white member in its long, storied history.

On Tuesday, March 29, Rhode Island State Sen. Kendra Anderson (D) announced she would not seek re-election and instead opted to endorse Harrison Tuttle, a 23-year-old Black Lives Matter activist, who happened to lead the effort against Bailey’s Beach Club. Anderson said it’s time to relinquish power to younger minorities.

Whitehouse is up for reelection in 2024. Activists say he could face more pressure as the campaign draws closer. Some activists are calling on Whitehouse to follow Anderson’s lead in resigning and endorsing a Black Lives Matter activist to replace him.

Would Whitehouse, a powerful Democratic Senator from a reliable Democratic state, really be willing to give up his seat ahead of an election?

Stay tuned.

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