Democrat Star Heckled With Vulgar Remarks While on Stage

Democat Star Heckled While He Was on Stage With Vulgar Remarks

( – On December 31, 2021, former New York City Police Captain Eric Adams took the oath of office as the new mayor of New York City. During the campaign, the centrist candidate ran on refunding the police, reducing crime and restoring common sense to city government after several years of failed leadership under its last mayor, left-winger Bill de Blasio.

On Martin Luther King Day, the new mayor spoke to basketball fans ahead of a game between the New York Knicks and the Charlotte Hornets.

It appears some people didn’t receive Mayor Adams’s message. Adams is the first black American to lead New York City. The new chief executive talked about the influence and impact of Martin Luther King using sports metaphors to relate to basketball fans. He said King wanted the ball in his hands when the battle for civil rights was on the line. Adams stated that the civil rights leader gave his life to ensure our world would be a better place. It didn’t take long for a few rude people in the audience to respond.

Using vulgar language, the disruptive guests heckled Adams. One person told the mayor to “shut the f*** up,” according to Newsweek. Some members of the crowd laughed. Undeterred, Adams continued with his speech. He concluded by reminding the audience the ball is now in their hands.

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