Democrat Suggests Drag Queen Classes for K-12 Students

Democrat Suggests Drag Queen Classes for K-12 Students

Democrat Has Another INSANE Request For Children

( – In deep blue, far-left California, it seems that anything is permissible these days. Scott Wiener (D) is a gay left-wing California state senator representing San Francisco. Apparently, he likes trolling conservatives in other states for ideas to introduce in the Golden State. Recently, Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton (R) tweeted that drag shows aren’t a place for children, and he intended to file legislation prohibiting minors from attending one.

The California Democrat responded by saying Slaton gave him a new idea. He noted that K-12 schools should require students to attend Drag Queen 101. Wiener is no stranger to passing odd legislation into law. In early 2019, the state legislator introduced SB 145. The measure mandated that California would not automatically register adults convicted of sex crimes with a minor if the individual involved was less than 10 years younger than the offender. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed the legislation into law in September 2020.

In August 2021, Wiener introduced SB-132, proposing to allow biological males who declared themselves as transexual women into women’s prisons. Newsom signed that bill into law as well a month later. Wiener proclaimed he was proud of the legislation and that the state embraced trans people.

So, was Wiener serious about introducing a law requiring kids to learn about drag queens? Given the lawmaker’s history, it appears entirely possible.

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