Democratic Actress Thrown to the Ground by Police During Protest

Democratic Actress Thrown to the Ground by Police During Protest

Famous Democrat Gets TACKLED By Cops – She Went Too Far!

( – The US Supreme Court announced its much-anticipated ruling regarding abortion on Friday, June 24. Many on the Left took the streets to protest the decision after the 6 to 3 conservative majority overturned Roe v. Wade. On Saturday, police shoved 40-year-old actress Jodie Sweetin during a protest on a Los Angeles highway.

Sweetin is best known for her long role on Full House and the newer Fuller House. She starred as Stephanie Tanner, the middle sister on the show, alongside conservative actress Candance Cameron Bure. In the video, police push Sweetin, at which point Sweetin falls to the ground hard on the road in front of other protestors. The actress later said she was proud of the hundreds of protestors that exercised their rights to protest alongside her.

Protests have been ongoing across the country since the Supreme Court’s announcement. Ahead of the decision, far-left groups called for a Night of Rage. On Friday evening, police arrested a California man for the attempted murder of a police officer. Authorities alleged Michael Ortiz, 30, attacked an officer using a homemade flamethrower. The officer sustained injuries and went to the hospital with burn injuries. In addition to the flamethrower attack, rioters also attacked police with fireworks and other items.

Pro-choice agitators also attacked pregnancy centers in Colorado and Virginia.

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