Democratic Official Accused of Purposely Sabotaging Republican Rival

Democratic Official Accused of Purposely Sabotaging Republican Rival

Election SABOTAGE? – Democrat Star Named In Allegations

( – Politics can be an extremely personal and dirty game. In Nevada, one Democratic county commissioner may be treading an ethical tightrope. Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft wants to remove Jenna Waltho, the planning commissioner, from serving any longer on the planning board.

Waltho is currently in a three-way primary race to run against Democratic Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones. Naft initially appointed Waltho, but her term doesn’t expire until January 2025. Although Waltho is running for County Commissioner, nothing in state or country law prohibits her from retaining her appointed position while she runs for office.

Is Democrat Purposely Sabotaging GOP Rival?

The Gateway Pundit reported that the commissioners stick tightly together, which means the Democratic board will likely remove the Republican from her seat on the planning commission. The seven-member County Commissioner’s board is composed of all Democrats, and each works together to help one another pass projects for their districts. Four of them are considered far-left politically and often cajole the other three to vote with them or risk losing critical resources for their districts.

There are many questions about Jones’s political ethics, and Waltho may be a strong GOP candidate who could threaten his re-election efforts.

Why is Waltho Such a Threat That Democratic Commissioners Want to Sabotage Her Race?

According to The Gateway Pundit, Jones has potentially serious legal problems. Court filings alleged he bribed Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak with a quid pro quo and destroyed digital evidence. Needless to say, Jones may be vulnerable in November if the right GOP candidate comes along.

In March, critics of the county commissioners say the board approved a new ordinance out of nowhere that allowed them to remove commission-appointed individuals from their duties at will and without cause. Naft claims they should be able to fire anyone they hire. The Las Vegas Review-Journal said the ordinance is legal. On Friday, March 20, Naft told the paper that the new rule allows the county commissioners flexibility for various reasons.

In this case, Naft said he was disappointed that Waltho wasn’t as focused on her responsibilities as she was while serving on the planning commission. If she wants to run for office, she should do so unencumbered by an election.

Waltho said Naft’s move is retribution for running against the commissioner’s buddy on the board. Her campaign manager told the newspaper that the office passed the ordinance to slow down Waltho’s candidacy. However, he added that the commissioners are fooling themselves if they believe that will stop her from running and winning.

Stay tuned. This situation could get interesting.

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