Democrats Accused of Spreading False News About Republican

Democrats Accused of Spreading False News About Republicans

Democrats Are Spreading This NASTY RUMOR Online

( – Since 2016, Democrats have alleged that foreign governments and the GOP participated in misinformation and disinformation campaigns. Yet, it appears Democrats, including President Joe Biden, are actively disseminating untruthful allegations and statements. On Wednesday, June 15, the Washington Examiner reported that it reviewed salacious accusations by a Democratic PAC against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and found them to be false.

American Muckrakers PAC issued a press release titled “Fire Boebert,” alleging that the Colorado Republican was once a prostitute, had numerous abortions, and abandoned her sister-in-law in a May 2020 off-roading accident. Boebert told the Washington Examiner that the allegations were disgusting, without merit, and false. She said the PAC was behaving in a sexist fashion and was a reason why so many people hate politics.

Boebert said she plans to go after the left-wing PAC and the person behind the misinformation. On Wednesday, the lawmaker’s attorney, Jonathan Anderson, sent a letter to the Democratic PAC and its president, David Wheeler, telling them he had proof that the organization knew the allegations were untrue before releasing them. He said their actions would be costly miscalculations because they wouldn’t be able to hide behind legal liability shields over such overt defamation.

When confronted by the Washington Examiner about holes in its allegations, Wheeler stated that he believed the information was correct. However, if it’s determined to be wrong, he said the PAC would amend its online statement.

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