Democrats Ask DOJ to Prioritize Controversial Lawsuit

Democrats Asks DOJ for Controversial Lawsuit to Move Forward

( – Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are applying political pressure to the Department of Justice, pushing the Attorney General to be more assertive in protecting voter rights in America, writing that “no lawsuit is too trivial.”

Forty-four members of the CBC penned a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland this week, demanding he and the DOJ enforce any laws protecting all citizens’ voter rights. They added their expectation the DOJ must condemn and forcefully drive back any attacks on the country’s voting processes and principles.

According to reports, the DOJ has filed lawsuits against Georgia and Texas for passing voter laws implementing new “restrictive measures” on anyone trying to vote. The CBC wants Garland to unleash the full might of the DOJ in pursuit of defending every American’s right to vote. They added disproportionate issues like gerrymandering, voter purges, disenfranchisement and voter dilution face African-Americans in this country and target their ability to vote.

The letter also stated campaigns to oppress Black voters are very much at play, adding White supremacists continue to institutionalize slavery in America through voter suppression.

The letter demands the DOJ be unapologetic in its approach to protecting voter rights, asking Garland to be relentless and find creative ways to enforce laws against anyone or any state enforcing laws that suppress voters. The CBC members stated voters must feel confident in the election process to maintain a healthy democracy.

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