Democrats Beg Republican RINO Not to Retire

Democrats Beg Republican RINO Not to Retire

( – You know that liberals feel desperate when leftist newspapers try to convince a RINO (Republican in Name Only) to run for re-election. For several decades, Ohio was a swing state. For many presidential election cycles, as Ohio went, so did the winner of the presidential election.

Over the last four presidential elections, that rule has changed. The Buckeye State is now reliably red and getting more conservative. That’s why one Ohio newspaper freaked out when Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) announced his retirement last year over concerns that members of Congress were no longer trying to find common ground.

On Wednesday, January 12, The Plain Dealer’s editorial board wrote an op-ed and pleaded with Portman to run for re-election in November. While the board couched their argument in tones of common ground, that may not be the entire story or their reason for the appeal. The newspaper seems worried that voters might elect a more genuine conservative. The editorial board suggested that a true conservative would be divisive. How’s that working out for President Joe Biden? They said a conservative might be prone to believe voter fraud occurred in 2020.

The newspaper’s editorial team painstakingly tried to appeal to the senator by suggesting they might not always agree, but Portman would be better than a conservative. They added the future of the country was in his hands. Therein lies a problem.

Where is the appeal to voters? Do they get a say who represents them, especially if they are conservatives?

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