Democrat’s Brother’s Conviction Isn’t About Racism Like He Claims

Democrat's Brother's Conviction Isn't About Racism Like He Claims

Top Democrat Pulls the RACE CARD After Conviction – But Documents Tell a Different Story

( – Discussions about race in America have increasingly become more complicated. Many Democrats allege that US institutions are ripe with systemic racism and that the worst offenders are among law enforcement officials and the judicial system. For decades, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) cited his brother as a part of the racial injustice against Black people. Yet, the Washington Free Beacon reviewed court records and found a very different story.

The Free Beacon said court records showed that the FBI conducted a sting of corrupt police officers. Among them was Warnock’s half-brother, Keith Coleman. In the mid-1990s, Coleman was a Savannah Police Department officer. A jury convicted the former dirty cop after the FBI arrested him in a sting operation from 1996 to 1997 in a cross-country cocaine drug trafficking operation. Yet, Warnock omits Coleman’s role in the ordeal.

The Free Beacon said records showed that Coleman quickly became the ringleader of the drug trafficking scheme. He used his police-issued gun and car to escort drug dealers from one location to another. Prosecutors said he recruited other cops to help provide security and cover. In exchange for security services, Coleman arranged illegal payoffs to cops and pocketed some money for himself.

Prosecutors said Warnock’s brother got $46,000 in dirty money and aided drug traffickers by pushing 29.2 kilograms of cocaine.

So, does this sound like a person who was a victim of racial inequality?

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