Democrats Deploy Millions of Dollars To Stop Trump’s Powerful Candidate

Democrats Deploy Millions of Dollars To Stop Trump's Powerful Candidate

Democrats Deploy MILLIONS In New Scheme To Stop Trump’s Endorsed Candidate

( – Democrats spent big money on mailers and television ads demonizing GOP candidate Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race. The Democrats said that if Mastriano won, Trump would follow suit. However, Mastriano didn’t just win on Tuesday, May 17 – he trounced the entire field, easily winning the GOP nomination. Now, it appears Democrats are doing the same thing again in Nevada.

On Sunday, May 22, National File reported that Democratic operated Super PACs spent millions of dollars in an attempt to stop former President Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate in Nevada, Joe Lombardo. Lombardo is the Clark County Sheriff and currently leads the GOP field by 20 points. He was endorsed by Donald Trump on April 27. Since then, a significant amount of Democratic money has poured into Nevada’s GOP primary race to defeat the Republican candidate.

The Stronger Nevada PAC plans to spend $2.1 million in the GOP primary race. Likewise, Patriot Freedom Fund mailed campaign postcards to GOP voters falsely accusing Lombardo of softness towards the 2nd Amendment.

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald denounced Democratic groups getting involved in GOP primaries. He called the moves sleazy and shady stunts. In fact, doesn’t the Democrats spending millions of dollars on a primary race to stop one man come across as weak, perhaps even complimentary to the upcoming Lombardo?

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