Democrats Flip Hard On Their Homeless Population

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

( – London Breed, the Mayor of Democratic San Francisco unveiled on Tuesday a new plan that would require those who receive welfare to go through mandatory drug testing and treatment programs. This plan is part of the city’s latest attempts to tackle the fentanyl and homeless crisis.

The proposal was announced with Supervisor Matt Dorsey, who is the police department’s former spokesperson and a recovering addict. As Breed pointed out under the new initiative all those individuals who are trying to gain access to county-funded cash will be required to take drug tests and enroll in services and treatments.

In a statement, Breed pointed out that San Francisco was a “city of compassion” but that they also required accountability. She added that they have funding for a number of services that could help people. However, what they do lack is the tools to compel people to seek treatment. This latest initiative will require more accountability and will help bring more people forward while assisting them to get the services they require.

Dorsey also spoke up in support of the initiative stating that it would incentivize people to seek treatment and recovery. He added that they knew how effective coercive intervention could be and that currently in San Francisco there is an unprecedented loss of life.

However, it will be hard for the mayor to convince the more progressive Democrats on the City Council to approve the bill, especially as previously the city had been against the involuntary treatment of the mentally ill.

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