Democrats Furious After Hulu Refuses to Run Leftist Campaign Ads

Democrats Furious After Hulu Refuses to Run Leftist Campaign Ads

Democrat Ads BLACKLISTED – They’re Screaming Censorship!

( – On Monday, July 25, Disney-backed Hulu declined to run Democratic-themed political ads jointly paid for by the Democrat’s Senatorial Campaign Committee, Congressional Campaign Committee, and Governors Association. The ads covered the liberal party’s views on abortion, the January 6 investigation, and gun control.

Unlike television broadcast stations, federal law does not require digital platforms to air political advertisements under the Communications Act of 1934. That law requires televised networks to provide political candidates equal access to public airwaves but offers no such protections for streaming media outlets.

The leaders of the three groups complained that voters should know all about so-called “MAGA” Republicans’ positions. Still, a confidential source inside Hulu told The Washington Post the reason the platform refused the ads wasn’t limited to their content. Instead, Hulu executives felt they lacked sufficient situational context, something the platform looks for to avoid stirring up controversy.

That revelation didn’t stop the three groups from blasting Hulu for committing political censorship. They said voters have a right to know the Democrats’ truth about the issues.

What do you think about this controversy? Do you think digital media outlets should have the right to refuse to run ads lacking proper context or designed to inflame their viewing audiences?

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