Democrats Intend to Flee US If There’s an Invasion, Research Finds

Democrats Intend to Flee US If There's an Invasion, Research Finds

( – On February 27, Russia invaded Ukraine in what’s quickly turned into a brutal war. Ukrainians are putting up strong resistance in cities across the country, and Russia appears poised to lose more than it bargained for when it decided to attempt to annex Ukraine. So, what would you do if a country invaded the United States the way Russia is trying to overtake Ukraine?

Your answer probably has a lot to do with your political affiliation and race. According to a new Quinnipiac Poll, most Americans (55%) would choose not to flee and would fight for their country. Yet an astounding 38% of people would not.

The overwhelming majority of those who would oppose an invasion identify as Republicans and Independents. Among Republicans, 68% said they would stick around to protect themselves, their family, and their country. Among Independents, 57% said they would stay. A slight majority of Democrats, 52%, said they would run for the hills.

The poll also looked at specific demographics. For example, 75% of males said they would fight, opposed to 19% who said they would run. Along racial lines, 57% of whites and 61% of Hispanics said they would stay to protect the country, while 59% of blacks said they would run from a fight.

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