Democrats Introduce New Plan That Would Change Elections

Democrats Introduce New Plan That Would Change Elections

( – Democrats proposed sweeping election reform legislation in June known as the “For the People Act.” It was a reaction to GOP-led states reforming their own election laws in the wake of problems encountered during the pandemic election of 2020. Although the bill passed the House, it failed to pass in the Senate with 60 votes. Not to be deterred, Democrats are currently attempting to pass a modified election reform bill called the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) claims Republican-led states are stripping voters of their rights and disenfranchising them under revised state laws. The Democrats’ new voting rights proposal would restore federal oversight of elections over state voting laws, a measure nullified by the Supreme Court in 2013. Democrats also sought to overturn a ruling by the High Court earlier in 2021 stating Arizona voting laws didn’t restrict the voting rights of minorities as claimed by Democrats.

Democrats contend their proposed law would make voting more accessible. Republicans counter federal government control over elections could cause the electoral system to become rife with cheating and election fraud.

But, it may never come to that. A bill requires 60 Senate votes to become law. In an evenly divided Senate, 10 Republicans will not support the legislation, and Democrats know this. In this case, they likely don’t intend for the measure to become law. Instead, it’s probably a campaign stunt designed to garner impassioned Liberal votes.

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