Democrats Kick Veterans To The Curb

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

( – A New York GOP lawmaker has stated that the narrative of veterans being evicted from hotels in order for asylum seekers to be housed there was untrue.

Veterans advocate and Army veteran Sharon Toney-Finch made headlines after claiming that military veterans were being kicked out of hotels in order for the hotels to make space for incoming migrants. The Yerik Israel Toney [YIT] Foundation, Toney-Finch’s charity, is dedicated to providing assistance to prematurely born children and their families, as well as helping veterans who are either homeless or who are low-income to find necessary military assistance.

Last week, Toney-Finch had alleged that 20 ex-military veterans had been told that they were no longer able to stay at three hotels in Orange County, the Crossroads in Newburgh and the Super 8 and Hampton Inn & Suites in Middletown, because of the asylum seekers that would be sent there from New York.

State Assemblyman Brian Maher, who has previously worked with Toney-Finch, revealed to the New York Post that after discussing with her it does not appear that her claims are valid. He added that for this reason, they were severing the ties with her organization. As he stated he initially requested that she give permission to the bank to release the relevant information but she declined. He added that he then proceeded to ask if the reason she was unwilling to provide the evidence was because the story was made up. Toney-Find did not have a response to this but in time revealed that this had not actually occurred.

Maher also asked her why she had made this fabrication, to which she responded that she needed to assist the veterans.

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