Democrats Push New Dark Money Clause in Sickening Plot

Democrats Push New Dark Money Clause in Sickening Plot

( – Doublespeak and hypocrisy are the standards of the Democratic Party these days, especially when it comes to money. For years, Democrats and their allies called for reforms to dark money. However, they widely benefit from politically active non-profit groups now.

Currently, nonprofits are allowed to raise unlimited funds to influence elections without disclosing their donors. Many of these groups and their leaders claim they want legislation that would force them to disclose their donors and increase transparency. Yet, according to a March 8 Breitbart article, they refuse to do so willingly and continue to encourage non-transparent donations to their organizations.

They’re not alone. President Biden and his administration refuse to answer whether a new pro-Biden group should disclose its donors. Since January 20, Biden has been paying back those who gave him enormous sums of money to win the election through regulations, legislative proposals, and even appointments.

That may explain Democrats’ perpetual claims that they want transparency but their lack of any real advocacy for it when it comes time to reform the system.

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