Democrats Put Innocent Lives At Risk

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

( – Raymond Lopez, a Democratic alderman in Chicago, has blasted the city’s response to crime. On Tuesday, he told “America Reports” that criminals noticed that you were not held on bond in the town for crimes such as assault, arson, robbery, or burglary. There are also no consequences for threats being made to elected officials. This has led to criminals being emboldened.

He added that politicians also do not appear to be interested in change and instead, they were just sticking “to the script” despite the public’s unwillingness to participate. Lopez further revealed that voters were beginning to see that when “socialists or ultra progressives” were elected, they ended up with ” tone-deaf leadership.”

As he pointed out, it is common sense for them to address city criminality and hold people accountable. He added that even minors as young as 12 years old often engage in these illegal activities, including armed carjacking, and that in those cases, the parents of the children should also be held accountable.

Despite this, when the Judiciary Committee came to the city, none of the Democrats participated to hear from those affected by the current situation.

The alderman added that the citizens who could afford to leave were doing so, but that two-thirds of the city’s residents were not able to move, and so they became the victims of violence. He added that most residents are done with not being heard.

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