Democrats Throw Temper Tantrum Over Trump’s Presidential Plans

Democrats Respond to Trump's Presidential Plans

Democrats Respond to Trump’s Presidential Plans

( – On Tuesday, November 15, former President Donald Trump finally made it official. For nearly a year, Trump hinted he would run for the presidency for the third time. He stated he was running so the world could see the “true glory” of America, and as he was in 2016, he would be the voice for those Washington has tried to silence. It didn’t take Democrats long to respond to the announcement.

The following day, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Jaime Harrison issued a blistering statement about Trump’s update, labeling him a failure as president. The DNC head suggested that was why the former commander-in-chief lost in 2020 and predicted he would do so again in 2024.

The DNC head said other GOP candidates would likely enter the race and run as extreme MAGA Republicans, repeating a refrain Democrats believe worked in the 2022 midterm elections.

Harrison called Trump’s record on the economy the worst since the Great Depression. He also railed on the 2017 tax cuts as giveaways to corporations and pointed to a “right-wing Supreme Court” for overturning Roe and extremism among Republicans who want to make abortion a criminal act. The DNC head even blamed the former POTUS for destabilizing America’s international standing and inciting the January 6 Capitol Hill riots.

Could 2024 be a rematch between President Joe Biden and Trump?

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