DeSantis’ Campaign Shaken by Staff Departure

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Many political campaign experts are shocked by the recent news that many of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign staff are leaving his campaign.

DeSantis is going to lose around 38 staff members, as he is cutting his campaign staff by approximately a third. This decision is meant to help DeSantis recover from the underwhelming start of his presidential campaign by getting back on track and intensifying his efforts for the White House.

Kyle Lamb, one of DeSantis’ long-time staffers, is one of the 38 people being cut by the campaign. Peter Schorsch, the publisher, was shocked by this decision, as previously Lamb had served as the director of research and data for the campaign. In a tweet on Monday, he said he could not believe that the DeSantis campaign was choosing to lose a “loyal soldier.”

Veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins, one of late President Ronald Reagan’s advisors, also questioned why they were cutting so many of their staff members. Rollins had called DeSantis’ decision “dumb” and said controlling the budget was an essential part of running a presidential campaign. DeSantis had raised quite a significant amount from the start, so it was not wise to let go of a third of his campaign staff right before he announced Iowa. He added that it would be much smarter if he had spread the removals over time and had waited a few weeks. However, he should not have arrived in Iowa while clearly showing that he has been unable to manage his budget.

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