DeSantis Is Taking Legal Action Against Biden’s Immigration Policy Saying It’s Unlawful

DeSantis Is Taking Legal Action Against Biden's Immigration Policy Saying It's Unlawful

( – In 2021, President Joe Biden picked a fight with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over his COVID-19 policies. Apparently, the president thought it would help his political standings. Biden grossly miscalculated. DeSantis not only stood up to Biden, but he also took every opportunity to expose the president’s foolish left-wing agenda. The latest salvo is over the president’s reckless immigration policies.

In September, Florida authorities learned the Biden administration was covertly flying illegal immigrants from the southern border in Florida and turning them loose. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sued the administration in federal court. Recently, DeSantis and Moody filed an amended complaint alleging the administration is releasing illegal immigrants into the US without a legal process for removal as federal law requires.

DeSantis said the Biden administration intentionally refused to enforce immigration laws and developed a secret operation to resettle illegal immigrants in communities nationwide, including Florida. In addition to helping resettle migrants against federal law, DeSantis and Moody added to the complaint the assertion the federal government allows illegal migrants to board domestic flights with warrants for their civil arrests as proof of identification.

The governor wants the Biden administration to reimburse Florida for unexpected expenses thrust upon the state by the federal government due to the relocations. In addition, Florida is asking the court to reverse the administration’s non-detention immigration policy.

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