DeSantis’ New Proposed Legislation Is Targeting Woke CEOs

DeSantis' New Proposed Legislation is Targeting Woke CEOs

Ron DeSantis Drops The HAMMER – New Plan Announced!

( – Over the last several years, some corporate leaders and board members in America have become more open about their liberal leanings. In the spring, Disney declared it would use its political and corporate clout to fight Florida Republicans over legislation the politicians said they enacted to protect young children. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has had enough. On Wednesday, July 27, the governor spoke in front of a banner that said, “Government of Laws, Not Woke CEOs.”

While DeSantis hit corporate leaders over their hypocrisy, he questioned whether citizens preferred to elect governing leaders or allow corporations to dictate the terms of society through economic power instead of at the ballot box. He took the opportunity to announce a new proposal that he hopes will pass the legislature to prevent progressive CEOs from imposing left-wing agendas on Florida citizens.

The proposal’s main point would prohibit financial institutions from discriminating based on religion, political, or social beliefs. Additionally, the governor said fund managers of the state retirement pension system shouldn’t consider political factors when investing state dollars. It also requires them only to consider maximizing dollars to benefit state retirees.

DeSantis added that allowing corporations to leverage financial power to impose a partisan agenda on Florida residents is highly problematic.

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