DeSantis Staffer Cautions, ‘No Wonder China Is Winning’

Ron DeSantis Wants to Copy China by Stopping

( – Over the last year, Democrats claimed that Critical Race Theory (CRT) wasn’t included in public school curriculums. Yet, the controversial racial view kept showing up in one instance after another. After recently banning CRT in public schools in Florida, The Daily Wire reported that the Florida Department of Education found that 41% of proposed math books for the 2022-2023 school year contained examples of CRT materials and other controversial teachings.

On Saturday, April 16, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) press secretary, Christina Pushaw, asked how a controversial math problem helps kids learn algebra, adding that it’s obvious how China is defeating the United States through academia. The tweet showed how CRT-inspired lessons can end up in a child’s learning materials and why it was important for Florida to ban books that contain it.

So far, the Florida Department of Education has rejected 54 out of 132 proposed books for K-12 classes. The state law does provide a provision for publishers to appeal the decision. Reasons for banning the math books included references to CRT and the inclusion of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in mathematics and Common Core.

DeSantis recently said that he was pleased the DOE conducted a thorough search of the curriculum and vetted the books to ensure they complied with state law.

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