Dianne Feinstein’s Career Just Took a Sudden Turn

Dianne Feinstein's Career Just Took a Sudden Turn

(TheRedWire.com) – In 1992, Diane Feinstein became one of the first women Senators ever to serve California in Washington, DC. For nearly three decades, her popularity among voters made her impenetrable to primary challengers, winning six consecutive six-year terms to the US Senate. Now, it appears the tide is shifting against the oldest sitting Senator in Congress. The 88-year-old lawmaker recently filed to run again in 2022 but hasn’t confirmed it yet with the public.

Perhaps one of the reasons for her lack of public candor is that she’s deciding if she can win a re-election campaign or not. A new joint UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and Los Angeles Times poll indicated the longtime Senator is in deep trouble with voters. Only 30% of the survey participants gave Feinstein positive marks, and 49% offered a negative assessment of her job performance.

Among the voters turning on Feinstein were those who said they are strongly liberal, under 40 and Hispanic and Asian Americans. Voters did not spare the Senator in any area of the state from negative numbers. Most shockingly to political analysts was her performance among women. Only one-third approved of Feinstein’s performance, and 42% disapproved.

Critics from the far-left claim that Feinstein was too friendly with Trump’s three Supreme Court nominees and her Republican colleagues on the Judiciary Committee.

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