Disney Cruise Ship Cameras Catch Employee Doing Horrific Things to a Child

Disney Cruise Ship Cameras Catch Employee Doing Horrific Things to a Child

(TheRedWire.com) – In recent weeks, Disney initiated a campaign condemning conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) heavily-supported new Florida law. On Tuesday, March 29, DeSantis tore into Disney officials after company leaders said they would actively work to repeal the bill, which they say should never have passed into law. The governor said the massive entertainment company crossed the line, and elected officials govern on the behalf of the interests of residents, not corporate executives. The governor added Disney does not control the state government.

The new Florida law prohibits teachers from discussing LGBTQ topics with children in the third grade or younger. It’s ripe for a company whose past with children may not be stellar. While Disney condemns the Florida law, there’s a disturbing story from several years ago shedding possible light on the matter. In 2012, video footage caught a Disney cruise ship staff member doing inappropriate things with an 11-year-old girl.

Former Disney Security Officer Dawn Taplin said she interviewed the girl and her grandmother after they reported the incident to Disney Guest Services. The 17-year former police officer said she was disturbed by what she saw on the video, but even more so by Disney officials. Taplin said she was ordered not to call the police, to do absolutely nothing, and keep quiet about the incident. She complied out of fear she could lose her job.

So, in 2012, did Disney put its reputation ahead of the interests of a young victim?

You decide.

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