DOJ Refusing To Release Evidence On Biden

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – The Department of Justice has opposed the release of President Joe Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur arguing that they were concerned about the possibility of the audio recordings being used for the creation of “deep fakes.” 

On Friday night the Justice Department made a filing in which they argued that should the audio be released it could just end up being altered and then people would be trying to pass off the changed audio as being “authentic.” They also expressed concerns about how widely this would be circulated. 

Politico noted that according to the filing, it is noted that there have been many advancements made to artificial intelligence, audio, and even ‘deep fake’ technologies and those would amplify the concerns relating to the files. The 49-page filing also notes that they are trying to ensure that other raw materials were not going to be used to create a deepfake of the president’s voice. 

The DOJ officials have also claimed that putting out the audio would be harmful to “substantial privacy interests.” This claim comes after Biden had invoked executive privilege over the specific recording. House Republicans had previously required access to the recording despite already having access to the transcript of the interview. 

Still, the DOJ’s concerns are underscored by recent incidents, including a deep fake message mimicking Biden, which influenced New Hampshire voters. An affidavit by Bradley Weinsheimer, associate deputy attorney general, warned that releasing the tapes would allow malicious actors to insert or remove words from Biden’s responses, distorting the president’s statements. This caution comes amid broader warnings from officials and experts about the dangers of deep fakes in the upcoming election.

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