Dominion Voting Systems Shows Their True Colors

( – Maricopa County is Arizona’s largest county and the only one to use Dominion voting machines. An audit of the machines and votes is underway in the county. According to former Special Assistant to President Trump, Boris Epshteyn, the audit will compare paper ballots to the final tally to determine if they match up. Epshteyn says the Democrats are in full panic mode over the audit and offers some intriguing insights as to why.

In other states, Dominion is threatening legal action against those who claim the machines didn’t work properly. However, in Arizona, they aren’t taking that approach. According to Epshteyn, Dominion says the recount isn’t necessary.

At the same time, former Hillary Clinton attorney and known “fixer,” Marc Elias, got involved. His firm Perkins Coie is threatening to stop the audit by any means necessary. Elias says it’s not fair the state Senate is helping pay for the audit but fails to say it’s because the county supervisors aren’t cooperating and wasted tens of thousands of dollars on sham audits.

Democrats and Dominion are throwing out a lot of smoke and mirrors. The coming days could be very interesting in Arizona as Democrats try to block the audit. Finding out why could be even more interesting.

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