Donald Trump Demands Death Penalty for Convicted Drug Dealers

Donald Trump Demands Death Penalty for Convicted Drug Dealers

Donald Trump Demands DEATH PENALTY – Makes Public Announcement!

( – Former President Donald Trump is on the road, and more and more, he’s sounding like a presidential candidate. On Tuesday, July 26, Trump spoke at the America First Policy Institute on a wide variety of topics. Among them were crime and drugs. Earlier in July, he commented that those convicted of selling narcotics should receive the death penalty. Once again, he’s doubled down on the idea.

Trump said criminal penalties should be severe to deter criminals and save lives. While he admitted the idea of capital punishment sounded terrible, he told the audience that executing one dangerous criminal could save 500 people’s lives. The potential 2024 presidential candidate added that countries that terminate the lives of those who peddle drugs illegally don’t have a problem with illicit use.

Trump further noted that America is in a state of decline as lawlessness and chaos run unfettered on the country’s streets. Still, the former president didn’t say which countries he was referring to in his comments.

Yet, dozens of countries have harsh sentencing standards for dealers. Most are in Asia or the Middle East. Still, only a little more than a handful actually execute people. They include China, Iran, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Vietnam. In addition, Brazil also has harsh punishments for those who deal drugs.

Despite Trump’s message, many question if Congress would ever pass such a law.

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